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How do you define health and wellness?

Are you living a vibrant, rich life?

We at Soaring Crane delight in helping you achieve and maintain your optimal wellness!

At Soaring Crane we are committed to health: healthy individuals, the families, and communities.

Soaring Crane clinic offers Naturopathic and Endobiogenic Medical Care for all ages and all stages of imbalance and disease.

We take the time to listen to your story, review your full medical history, conduct a thorough physical exam and utilize lab results to provide:

  • Preventive strategies and screening recommendations based on your individual terrain, your unique physiology
  • Skilled diagnosis

Specific, safe, effective treatment for simple and complex disease patterns for:

  • Children from birth through adolescence
  • Women and men navigating adult transitions, wellness and states of imbalance.
  • Seniors and the unique health challenges that arise with age

To learn more about Dr Chadwick and how endobiogenic medicne can help you and your family, call (858) 332-1645 to schedule a free 15 minute consult.