Saying Yes, Saying No

Clouds roll in, snow creeps down the mountain, leaves depart the trees to nurture the soil through the frozen winter, and my thoughts turn to transition. Fall draws me inward to speculation, to evaluation of what is serving me well on my journey and what I may need to let go of in order to thrive. Fall also draws me back to the kitchen, to the warm, nurturing aroma of slow-cooked stews and curries, baked fruit, roasted root vegetables, and occasionally a batch of pumpkin muffins.

When it comes to food, transition is essential but at times challenging. Eating seasonally provides us with necessary energetic and physical nourishment. However, transition also sometimes means giving up a food that is not serving us well and finding new foods and activities to nourish our bodies and spirits.

When first asked to change, to confront an issue in our lives that may not be serving us well, we often resist. And, resistance produces angst. Changing our diet may be one of the most difficult and resistant prone changes we face.

Saying yes in the midst of that initial angst is not easy work, but if approached from the perspective of sinking in, finding our true essence and then opening our heart to the fullness of yes… truth resides there. Using the inherent turning in energy of Fall, this season allows us to explore each of the arenas in our life for what is serving us well and what would be better left behind.

How do we explore this? Find the places where you feel yourself in line with your core essence. For me, I most easily contact my true essence in meditation, in nature, through music, through movement, through art, through thoughtful and meaningful relationship. Then, find the places you shut off… For many of us, fear is the number one emotion that closes us off to our truth. How many actions and decisions come from a place of fear?

I invite you to explore the ‘what if’s’ of saying yes. What does it mean to you to say yes to life, in this moment, with a full and open heart? What state of emotion and being comes from that presence? What could the change before you bring to your life? What will it allow you to explore, to learn? What space may be created if you say yes to fully being alive and present and saying no to anything that does not allow this full presence of being to exist? May you thrive, fully alive in this moment as you explore your yes and your no.