“I once thought that a doctor was simply a person who fixes our ailments, bandages us up, and makes us feel better. How naïve of me. A true doctor is, above all, a healer, a person who creates a safe space, listens with keen ears and compassion to our stories, and empowers us to make choices that honor our health and bring us into alignment. A true doctor leads through example, teaching patients the challenges and lessons that she (or he) has grappled with intimately. True healers are difficult – sometimes impossible—to find. Dr. Amy is one such rare healer.”
~ Erin

“Dr Chadwick has been my children’s doctor for nearly six years and we have never received better care. The treatment we have received has been extremely effective and I as a parent have learned so much. Dr. Chadwick is a personable physician with a heart for her patients, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in natural medicine that has contributed to the well being of my entire family.”
~ Sarah, mother of 4

“Dr. Chadwick is such a valuable asset to the medical community in our valley. We have been seeing her for six years and each member of our family has benefited from her expertise, kindness, compassion and professionalism. I love that my whole family, including a seven year old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, can go to the same place for all of our needs. We have found healing, help, and a listening ear in Dr. Chadwick. Her care is second to none.”
~ Mary

“My girls love going to visit Dr. Amy. She listens to them (and me), is very thorough, and was able to diagnose my youngest daughter with food allergies when our former pediatrician could not. Her care and overall knowledge is exceptional, which is why I choose her to be my girls primary doctor.”
~ Megan, mother of 2