Stephanie A. Smith
Office Manager

Stephanie has been a great addition to the team at Soaring Crane Clinic providing a friendly and inviting presence to all patients, affiliates and staff.

Stephanie beholds a wealth of experience and history ranging in project management, business administration, health care and ancillary benefit knowledge, as well as medical practice patient care. She ensures attention to detail with all administrative aspects as well as dedicating her time to patient care, understanding  and support.


John and

John Vue
Medicinary Manager

As the medicinary manager for Soaring Crane Clinic, John accurately and efficiently mixes your custom made tinctures and fills medicinary supplement requests. He is committed to making every patient feel welcome and secure. John also works with Dr Hedayat and Full Spectrum Health where he received training in blending herbal tinctures and continues to operate as the Director of the Bio Regulation Therapy sales and rental. A local to San Diego, John enjoys exploring and being outdoors. He practices Hmong Shaman, his cultural spiritual practice passed down through many generations. As a person who connects with nature and spirit, John maintains a calm and warming personality.