Video: Body Wisdom: Obtaining and Maintaining Wellness and Balance

Over the years, I have had the increasing privilege of speaking to a variety of audiences about naturopathic and endobiogenic medicine. Surprisingly, or at least surprisingly to me given my propensity for introverted introspection, writing from the comfort of my couch, and silent beach walks; I enjoy this.

It doesn’t come easily.

I never listen to the recordings of radio shows or talks.

Experts say it is important to review your work. It helps cultivate your skills as a speaker to review past lectures, to accept feedback. But, it is analogous to having a tooth pulled for me… also something I have not actually experienced but can only imagine as torturous.

I am not the 15 year old girl who literally shook from head to toe while giving a speech or participating in a debate in high school. I still feel anxiety. I over-prepare. I pace. I breathe. I shake a bit internally. I freak out a little. But, in the end, my words seem to come and I actually find myself enjoying the process. I know, crazy!

I enjoy it because I am sharing what I know and love. I love working with people. I honor the gift of hearing their stories. And, I delight in being able to put the puzzle pieces of their history together to form a reference for why they are ill, why they are currently out of balance. For in knowing how we got to a place, in understanding the journey before us, we can also learn the tools that will assist our very wise, amazing beings to regain balance and wellness. Because I am passionate about this work, I also love sharing it with others, inspiring questions and interest in a broader audience. Teaching allows me to see the light in someone’s eyes as a new piece of information fills in a gap and there is a deep understanding at the mental and very cellular level.

Medicine is information. Life is digestion – be it food, information, experience or emotion. We take from each of these what we need and we discard the waste. When we digest efficiently, we thrive. When we don’t, we get stuck. I honor the power of words and information to alter a trajectory, to allow for a new path, an opening into health. It is truly delightful and awe-inspiring to offer information to people one-on-one in my clinic and to an audience from behind a microphone.

And so, my 15 year old, anxiety ridden self, has grown up. I can now speak publicly because I am sharing what I learn, love and embrace.

I even made myself watch this video. My husband and I sat and paused it every few moments to laugh uproariously at the odd facial expressions of a frozen in time word or movement. I felt self-conscious. I struggled with my own self-criticisms. And yet, I feel incredibly honored to be able to share what I love and practice with you.

Naturopathic medicine is a mouthful. Endobiogenic medicine is an even larger mouthful, and describing the power of this medicine and the view I hold for wellness and the bodies innate wisdom can be challenging. And, so I share this video to provide a basic framework for the work I do.

It is with gratitude that I share.
Dr Amy